Does resolution mean much to you, or is it something you just say at the table and forget about the second you leave? I never believed in resolutions. This year, I did something better than writing them down in a book and forgetting about it; I used OKRs. Have you ever heard of OKRs? It stands for Objectives and Key Results—a dynamic strategy merging goals with measurable metrics for tangible outcomes. I came across this while learning to be better at my job, and now it is helping me to be a better person.

Objectives: Define Your Ambitions

Let’s shift away from vague resolutions. With personal OKRs, you can clearly express your ambitions:
Define Your “Why”: Before diving into objectives, understand your mission—your why. Why are these goals vital to you? For instance, if completing a course is your goal, why is that significant? Use this as your guiding star.

Determine Your “What”: Identify 3–5 objectives aligning with your mission. What are the critical tasks or changes you must achieve in the next 30–90 days?
Key Results: Charting Your Progress
OKRs are not just goals; they’re your roadmap to success. For each objective, consider the key results:

  1. Results-Oriented: Key results speak to the overall outcome, not just the steps. For example, attending a public speaking workshop is a result.
  2. Measurable and Verifiable: Include specific, objective metrics. What will you regard as success?
  3. Specific and Time-Bound: Clearly define what needs to happen and when. Create a sense of urgency.
  4. Aggressive yet Realistic: Stretch yourself, but be realistic. Key results should be challenging yet achievable.

Crafting Your OKRs
Objective: Deliver Engaging Presentations
Key Results:
Attend a public speaking workshop by the end of the 1st quarter.
Watch at least one TED Talk per week.

Here is an example, and you can download it below (PS it is a part of mine)

Conclusion: The Power of Personal OKRs

In a world where New Year’s resolutions often fizzle out, OKRs offer a strategic and measurable approach. This is not for everyone; if you find it hard using methods out there that don’t suit you, then maybe, just like me, this is what you need. Define your mission, set clear objectives, and chart your progress with key results. It’s not just a goal-setting exercise; it’s a dynamic journey toward personal and professional excellence.

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