Stories have always been my lifeblood. Whether crafting a captivating script or weaving a tale through film, I’m drawn to narratives that hold the power to enthral and inspire. A new story has recently captured my attention: the ever-unfolding climate change narrative.

It all began with a conversation. Brainstorming with a fellow creative, the topic of climate change arose. Their mention of a program at Oxford University – School of Climate Change sparked a curiosity I couldn’t ignore. Eight weeks of intensive learning later, I found myself brimming with knowledge.

One session that genuinely resonated was a panel discussion titled “Are We Doing Enough? Techno-optimism vs. Radical Change in Climate Change Conversations.” Hearing these diverse perspectives from experts on the frontlines of this critical issue was a privilege. It ignited a passion within me to explore the role storytelling can play in addressing climate challenges.

As storytellers, we have a unique ability to weave narratives that captivate and inspire action. This program at Oxford was an immersive learning experience that prompted me to explore how I can leverage storytelling in the climate change space.

Lifelong learning is a cornerstone of my creative journey. I’m constantly pursuing knowledge and exploration, and this experience is a testament to that. It reminds me that inspiration can strike anywhere, even during a casual conversation.

Whether crafting film scripts or utilising the written word to raise awareness about environmental issues, I’m eager to see where this new chapter leads me. My dedication to storytelling remains steadfast, and it has the power to create a lasting impact.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for the stories yet to be told. I wrote a blog on how I plan on achieving my goals this year take a look.

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