The torrents told of new water

Not the water that comes from rainfall,

That my children danced under 

Connecting to the spirit of Amadioha 

But one, that takes one’s soul away 

The land felt different

They looked at us like new yams 

I wondered if they prayed to Njuko Ji

Some ran at midnight,

They hunted them with spears that fired iron stones.

We were less than the rabbit in the forest 

I prayed to Ogbunabali to take me

The land must be strange for him too

I will rather swim back to my hut 

To smell the aroma that mixes with firewood 

To take my spear and dance to the beat of drums 

Not this black and white keys 

Pray to my gods 

And not one that was easily killed

The Deities from the poem

Amadioha is the Arusi or god of thunder and lightning.

Njoku Ji is the guardian deity of the yam for the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria.

Ogbunabali is the traditional Igbo death deity.

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